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Taconic Distillery

Taconic Essentials 6 Bottle Case (750mL x 6)

Taconic Essentials 6 Bottle Case (750mL x 6)

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For people who love  Taconic Distilling, or who want to try a variety of their exceptional spirits.  This sample pack includes:

Taconic Double Barrel Maple Bourbon (2 x 750mL): Taconic Double Barrel Maple Bourbon Whiskey¬†is the product of a relationship with Catskill Mountain Sugarhouse. ¬† Two Hudson Valley Classics ‚Äď Bourbon and Maple Syrup.¬† The distillery empties their Bourbon barrels then sends them to Catskill Mountain Sugarhouse who fills them with their delicious maple syrup. After a few months of aging, the distillery bottles the barrel aged maple syrup, and then immediately refills those same barrels with their bourbon. ¬†This sweet and floral whiskey spends another few months in the barrels to become an annual release of¬†Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey with Maple Syrup.

Taconic Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon (2 x 750mL): Dutchess Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey presents a beautiful bouquet of spice and honey with gentle notes of vanilla coming out to provide for a smooth finish. It starts off with a wonderful baked quality like cookies in the oven, butter, butterscotch, cookie dough, honey, vanilla, and lots of spice. It got a little bit of a bite up front, but goes down incredibly smoothly without a lot of burn.

Taconic Founders Reserve Rye (2 x 750mL): Named for our country’s founding fathers, Taconic Distillery’s Founder’s Rye Whiskey is aged in virgin American white oak barrels to a golden caramel color.  Rye lovers will appreciate its bold, spicy flavor with a mildly sweet finish.  Delicious in cocktails and decidedly smooth when sipped neat or on the rocks.

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