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Wild Turkey Distillery

Russell's Reserve Bourbon Single Barrel (750ml)

Russell's Reserve Bourbon Single Barrel (750ml)

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Whiskey Review by FWL Contributing Editor Uncle Knucklehead

Bottled at 110 Proof (55% ABV) the initial nose with a drop of water (face it guys, if you want to get the aroma you have to bring down the proof) is a rich vanilla, caramel and cocoa; spearmint, dark cherry and loads of spice follow.  The spiciness comes from the rye, and surprisingly, with rye being less than 15% of this mashbill, it makes its presence known against the corn sweetness.  On the palate, a warm, creamy viscosity running with biscuit pastry chewiness coming from high malt content, around 12%.   This whiskey comes from one single barrel, not a comingled batch of them, so its flavor will be unique to any other barrel in the warehouse.  This is unchillfilltered and its bold richness brings out dark cherry in the finish

Tasting Notes:

AROMA (with water): Rich vanilla, caramel and cocoa; spearmint, dark cherry and spice.
PALATE: Warm, creamy viscosity biscuit pastry chewiness, bold richness
FINISH: Warm, lingering with undertones dark cherry and is a perfect rejoinder to the elegance of the smoke.

Bottle size:
Mash bill:
74% Corn, 14% Rye, 12% Barley
United States
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