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New England Distilling

New England Distilling Essentials 6 Bottle Case (750mL x 6)

New England Distilling Essentials 6 Bottle Case (750mL x 6)

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For people who love New England Distilling, or who want to try a variety of their exceptional spirits.  This sample pack includes:

New England Distilling Tidewalker Straight Bourbon (2 x 750mL): Tidewalker is a Maine term for logs that made it all the way down river and bobbed around in the inter-tidal zone wreaking a little navigational havoc; a fitting name for a bourbon whiskey distilled on the coast of Maine. Tidewalker is made from corn, local barley, caramel malt and a generous portion of wheat. It’s a crisp bourbon with flavors of corn, maple syrup and toasted pecan, transitioning to cocoa and dried apricot.

New England Distilling Gunpowder Rye Whiskey (2 x 750mL): Gunpowder Rye Whiskey is a spicy Maryland style rye, distilled from rye and malted barley and matured in new American oak barrels. This whiskey enters with flavors of rye grain and cinnamon, builds with baking spice, clove, and sassafras and finishes with toasted malt, bittersweet chocolate, and vanilla.

New England Distilling Ingenium Gin (2 x 750mL): Ingenium Gin is a Genever styled gin, distilled from a mash of local barley and rye in our direct fired pot stills. Pot distillation retains the flavors of the grain giving Ingenium a mouthfeel reminiscent of whiskey. The botanicals are a blend of traditional and non traditional gin botanicals, including kaffir lime leaf, rose flower and lemongrass. The combination of which creates a nicely balanced, citrusy, herbal gin with a very smooth finish.

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