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Alpine Distilling

Alpine Distilling's Whiskey Aroma Game

Alpine Distilling's Whiskey Aroma Game

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Alpine Distilling’s Whiskey Aroma Game is all about elevating your appreciation of spirits. It’s a matching game of sorts.

First you’ll have the chance to identify aromas (peach, smoke, vanilla, wood, etc.) and compare results with other participants. Then when you have your nose tuned in, you’ll try out your new skills on the spirits.

At the end of the game, you’ll also be able to “build” your own spirits profile based on the aromas you enjoy best so you know exactly what to look for the next time you’re in the liquor store.

The Game boxes include 3 Game elements;

Game 1 : Blind Nosing

Attempt to identify 9 selected Aromas which are key elements of the Aroma/Flavour profiles by “Blind Nosing.”

Game 2 : Aroma Matching

Nose the 9 selected Aromas and match them with the 9 Aroma Reference Cards on the Aroma Game Board.

Game 3 : Aroma Profiling

Identify selected flavour profiles from a combination of key Aromas in the Game.

This game can be played solo, in groups or in teams as you test your nosing ability. Can you identify the key Aromas found in Whiskey?

The Game also provides access to a Bonus Download, allowing you to test your knowledge by matching a wider selection of Drink types against Aroma/Flavour Profiles.

Alpine Distilling specifically collaborated on the creation of this unique experience with the prestigious Aroma Academy of Scotland.


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