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Collection: Cooperstown Distillery

Where every whiskey is a home run!

Cooperstown Distillery is the first and only distillery in beautiful Otsego County. Drawing from the history and bucolic beauty of the region, it should come as no surprise that the distillery's high-quality, hand-crafted spirits are inspired by the literature of James Fenimore Cooper, the beautiful crystal clear waters of  “Glimmerglass Lake” and the nostalgic baseball legacy of Cooperstown, New York, home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Cooperstown Distillery employs the highest quality artisanal distilling practices. Using almost entirely New York State grains, they produce a full line of spirits, are a farm distillery and member of The Cooperstown Beverage Trail. Master Distiller and owner Gene Marra works to “know our farmers” and produces spirits made from grains grown by people he trusts and respects.

His still was custom crafted by the Carl Family of Stuttgart, Germany. This “copper beauty” is the focal point at the Railroad Avenue location