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US Military Veteran Owned and Operated


In 2007, during his son’s first combat deployment, Black Patch's master distiller Gary Cooper, made his son’s favorite whiskey. Having been a fanatical brewer and distiller for over a decade, Gary spent the time his son was deployed to perfect a whiskey to his son’s standard. He named his company after the single black patch his son’s unit wore in combat. Unfortunately, his son lost his leg in combat and to honor his sacrifice Black Patch Distilling Company donates a portion of every bottle sold to veteran charities.

The Black Patch team

Head Distiller Gary Cooper

Head Distiller Gary Cooper is a lifelong chemist and nerd. After spending 35 years in the chemical industry, earning advanced degrees in biology and chemistry along the way, Gary co-founded Black Patch Distilling Co. with his son Clayton. Gary’s passion is not in fluff and being fancy, his passion is in the hard work it takes to preserve his Scotch-Irish heritage in every bottle.  The flavors are simple, pure and made from Gary’s determination to drive an American Whiskey Revolution back to small family-owned craft distilleries like Black Patch Distilling Company. 

President Leslie Hinchman and husband Clayton

After serving her country in the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Leslie started a tech company with her husband Clayton. And though she spent most of her time keeping her one legged Combat Veteran out of trouble, she also found her true calling which was bringing the highest quality American made and American owned spirits to customers. Leslie is as unapologetically committed to her whiskey customers as she is to her country.